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For the kids

We are happily welcoming all of our guests, also the little ones. Since we don't want them to get bored (and we want the parents to also have heaps of fun) Fräulein Feiertag and her team will take care of the children. There will be 6 care-takers and a nurse (just in case). Their mission: Making the wedding day and unforgettable experience for the smallest guests with fun games, crafty activities and just plenty of fun.

There's the option to let Fräulein Feiertag babysit your children later in the evening as well. Please do let us know if you want her to take care of them, so there are enough babysitters. (There is also the option for having some mattresses for them to sleep. Oh and storytelling books for them to fall asleep easier)

UPDATE: There will be a diaper station, so you don't need to carry a heavy diaper bag with you.